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Forest Machine Operator Training Programme

The Forest Machine Operator Training Programme has been designed to develop a broad-based employment focused competence in timber harvesting operations.

It is a highly practical programme that has been created by key industry stakeholders who understand the growing need for highly skilled and competent forest machine operators.

With increasing safety, environmental and efficiency demands on timber harvesting operations, forest machine operators require a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge to work safely, productively and in an environmentally sensitive manner within the forest harvesting sector. As Ireland’s privately owned forest resource matures, there is a significant increase in harvesting activity, especially in farm-forestry thinning operations which require a more advanced skill set which this programme can provide.

This training programme is modularised and will prepare trainees for three main forest harvesting activities; forwarding, harvesting clearfells and harvesting thinnings. Trainees can progress through the 3 stages, with each stage requiring a greater skill set and a larger knowledge base. The programme is highly practical in nature and is focused on the specific skills and knowledge required to operate in today’s dynamic forest industry.

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